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You can be a star with the Planetary Studies Foundation! 

Our membership is composed of citizens of our community, educators, and scientists — all of whom want to foster scientific literacy, to broaden our wealth of knowledge, and especially to encourage children's interest in the sciences. In recognition of this valuable support, the Planetary Studies Foundation offers a variety of benefits to our members, including: 

  • PSF NEWSLETTER; A quarterly publication that keeps members informed of activities, special events, and science news.


  • PSF eNews; A monthly electronic newsletter that supplements the quarterly PSF newsletter.

  • Invitations to sky observing events.

  • Free admission to guest lecture series and book signings. In the past years we have hosted a lecture by NASA scientist and microbiology expert, Richard Hoover, a book signing with Apollo 8 Astronaut Walter Cunningham, and a talk by scientist, Mars expert, and author, William Hartmann.

  • Free admission to the historical 1876 Banwarth House & Museum and workshop series.

  • Making a significant impact on science education and research in our community. 

  • Being a part of the PSF Family!




Questions? Change in address or name?

To update your membership information or to inquire about your renewal date, email:

Evelyn Larson, Administrative Assistant & Assistant Curator

Subject Line: PSF Membership


Karl G. Henize, Astronaut, 1991

Alan L Bean, Apollo 12, 1992

Hugh Downs, ABC News, 1992

Harrison H. Schmitt, Apollo 17, 1992

Georgi Grechko, Cosmonaut, 1993

Byron K. Lichtenberg, Astronaut, 1993

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Star Trek, 1995

Andre Bormanis, Star Trek, 1996


Violetta J. DuPont, DuPont Meteorite Collection, 1996

Samuel T. Durrance, Astronaut, 1997

Owen K. Garriott, Skylab III, 1998

Charles M. Duke, Jr., Apollo 16, 1999

William A. Cassidy, Antarctic Search for Meteorites, 1999

Loren W. Acton, Astronaut, 2000

James A. Lovell, Apollo 8 & 13, 2000

Jerry G. Marty, National Science Foundation, 2001

Michael Caplan, WLS-TV, 2002

Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7, 2002

Spike O’Dell, WGN-Radio, 2002

Richard B. Hoover, NASA, 2003

Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14, 2003

Frederik Pohl, Science Fiction Author, 2003

M. Scott Carpenter, Mercury Astronaut, 2004

WIlliam J. Gruber, United Financial of Illinois, Inc, 2004

J. N. Pritzker, Tawani Enterprises, 2004

Alfred M. Worden, Apollo 15, 2005

Audrey & Albert Ratner, Contributors, 2006

Jack Lousma, Skylab III & STS-3, 2006

Jerry Mathers, Leave it to Beaver, 2008

Tony Dow, Leave it to Beaver, 2008

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