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Meteorites: Visitors from Outer Space


Christina Hollis

This educational meteorite exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Christina M. Clinton Hollis, Ph.D. Christina was an accomplished mechanical engineer employed by John Deere and served as an Executive Board member of the Planetary Studies Foundation. She cherished meteorites for their scientific importance and the excitement they create when a person holds one in their hands and realizes it is older than the Earth and has traveled billions of miles through space to reach our planet.

Dedication Ceremony

April 22, 2023

PSF members and museum guests gathered to celebrate the dedication of the Christina Hollis Meteorite Exhibit, Meteorites: Visitors from Outer Space at the Putnam Museum and Science Center on April 22, 2023. Paul Sipiera met with visitors, shared his knowledge about meteorites, and gifted fragments of meteorites. The Quad Cities Popular Astronomy Club had a display table and shared their passion about amateur astronomy with visitors. 

Photos of the Exhibit

Click here to see more photos of the exhibit and the dedication ceremony.


Putnam Museum and Science Center

1717 W 12th Street

Davenport, Iowa 53804

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