The acquisition of the James DuPont Meteorite Collection is important to the PSF for several reasons:

  • This acquisition preserves a unique meteorite collection for future PSF-sponsored research
  • PSF will use meteorites from this collection in educational programs, especially with local school systems, to generate student interest in the study of the Earth and Space sciences
  • With the exception of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, PSF has the most extensive collection of meteorites in the state of Illinois
  • Combined with the PSF's existing collection, our collection now ranks among the top ten in the world, bringing worldwide recognition to PSF

In obtaining and maintaining this collection, PSF has assumed a substantial liability. PSF has sold a portion of the collection to help cover its cost to us. However, this is an option that we pursue with deep regret. We would much prefer to keep the entire collection intact.

In light of this, PSF has instituted an Adopt-A-Meteorite program. Through this program, an individual, family, or business can become the sponsor of a specific meteorite in our collection. Once a particular meteorite is adopted, that specimen will be placed on display in a PSF Meteorite Exhibit and will not be sold. Also on display with the meteorite will be a small placard identifying its sponsor. In addition, the sponsor will receive a "Certificate of Adoption" that describes the meteorite and its history.

Please join our family of "adoptive parents" and help PSF to preserve this collection for our children and future generations of scientists.

Access our Adopt-A-Meteorite form now!